Join us at FINALS!

Final stage participants

Sage Mack

Taylor Benford

Devlin Chambers

Diaja Chattman

Raja Freeman

Kyle Sweet


Shaquiel Lynn

Juliette Walkuski

Liv Goins

Tiana Wilson

Zia Durnin

Arianna Rodgers

Cheyenne Ramos

Mar 31st 2017, 3 rounds, 14 poets, only 5 can make the team! Come and join us as they leave it all on the stage.

Where: SPACES Art Gallery, 2900 Detroit Ave
When: Doors open at 8pm

Cost: Cover charge is $3 for students, $5 for adults

Make sure to check out the Slam Page for rules, and to check out Facebook page to RSVP with more details.

Questions? Use the contact page on the website!